Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby shark doodo doodo

Baby Shark
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Yes indeed, I love these new jammies! They might of been in the boys section but the words on the shirt perfectly descibe my little chomper, I must say "no biting!" about 1o times a day. I offer her plenty of teething toys , but she would rather gnaw on skin. we have a third tooth erupting up top. And look at those curls! they just started to appear last week, my genes are finally starting to show. yay!

Quaker Diamond
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

I did not find my camera cord, but i did find my memory card reader...hence the photos.

Here is Quaker Diamond, by Hillside samplings I did it in brown and yellow silk thread. (model was black and yellow) I think I am going to have this professionally framed and hang it in my kitchen.


Abi said...

A is so pretty! My little A doesn't chew on toys much, she likes chewing on her empty bottles tho! Your latest finish looks great. Congratulations!

Doris said...

cute baby! i like the shark too :)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great job on your Quaker. A is looking adorable.

xsquared said...

A is such a cutie! Love the jammies. And the sampler is lovely!

Beth said...

She's getting so big, and cuter all the time! Love the shark jammies. :)