Wednesday, April 09, 2008

long time gone

I haven't posted in a bit cause I can't find my cord for my camera so I have no photos, And while I know a photo isn't required for a post, I needed your help on a dilemma with my Quaker Diamond, and a photo would really help.

SOoooo lets save that and I have another dilemma for you to assist me with. I want to do a baby announcement for A. and couln't find anything that i liked for a while...then I thought I had decided on this. BUT the colors and style have been bugging me, looks too 80's or something. I have gone through several changes in my thinking about this (cause it has to be perfect, of course). these changes include trying khaki linen instead of a off white evenweave, but the thread colors are still too pastel or something, so maybe change all the thread colors.... that would take way too much time (there are over 30 colors in and 5/6 different color families) even then I am not sure I like the pattern at all anymore there are too many hearts. So it comes down that there is only one thing I like about this pattern is the saying. OK then...maybe I can put the saying on a pattern with an open area where I could insert it along with her name and birthday... maybe with a tree and some birds ? I have torn through the internets and I can't find anything that will work for me. I would love to do it in a band sampler, but I can't find one that will work. Constructing my own from scratch is out of the question...I have established I am not a designer, I am just too indecisive. Any one have any IDEAS??


Beth said...

Victoria Sampler has the "Heirloom Birth Sampler" with this same verse on it.

Two things that might be, it doesn't have anything childish about it. Two, it has speciality stitches out the whazzoo, including a big hardanger section. I can't remember if you like stuff like that?

The benefit to doing something like this is that A is perhaps more likely to appreciate it later in life. It's subtle enough that it could hang in a corner of her ultra-cool teenager room without her being totally mortified by little birds and bunnies. :)

But my kids are 6 and 18 and I haven't stitched a birth record for either one, so you might want to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Lee said...

Funny - I bought that same sampler for my daughter 16 years ago, and I never stitched it either. It seemed right at the time, but the more I looked at it, the less appealing I found it.

Anyways, I stitched a VS design for my niece: Child of Spring. It came with charting to personalize it as a birth sampler. Same observations as Beth though - lots of Hardanger and some specialty stitches. But it's stunning when it's finished and not babyish.

I'm sure that you'll find the perfect announcement/sampler. It'll just jump out at you one day, and you'll know it's the one meant for A. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes open for you, too!

Emilie said...

its funny - just had a freebie in my bloglines with exactly that verse. It's in German, but an English translation is provided.
I just finished a Tatty Teddy kit for my daughter, but changed the text to just be her name and birth date - tried to keep it simple.