Thursday, December 06, 2007


Finished ornaments
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OK I know they are not fabulous, If i did a third it would be perfect. I have never consructed a round ornament before and not one with a glue only/ no sew technique (thought it would be still took me 2 days to do). I worked on my mitering technique. The one on the left was done first the one on the right 2nd and better.

I thought about sewing it, but then I could not figure out how you get the board inside, course I could of just stuffed it. Finishing is a continual learning process, with so many methods and choices involved...I would love to take a finishing class someday. I am hoping to finish more ornaments before Christmas, I have 6 waiting for me...but I am running out of time. Anyone know where I could buy some?

Deer Hil Farm cross Stitch (for those of you who asked) is a wonderful little store right on 9G in Hyde Park. The owner is very helpful and knows just where everything is. She has complete stocks of fabric and thread, and alot of charts (quite a few in the sale bins too). Right when I walked in she had a little tree with several of the 07 JCS ornament finished and on it, it was nice to see the finished ornaments. Fora small shop she has lots of models and they are all up to date. It is worth the day trip for those of you nearby, oh and there is a rc hobby store for your husband to visit right next store.


Abi said...

Congratulations on finishing the ornaments. Finishing is really an ever learning process. I've only done "sew-only" finishes as I am scared to death of what glue will do to my pieces. I have very few that have cardboard in the middle. Most of them are just stuffed with batting. As for quickly finishing ornies, Cross Eyed Kat recommends Cathouse Angel Designs ( She makes tuck pillows for ornaments.

Sharon said...

I think you did a great job with finishing your ornments. I love this particular pattern.

I have heard Vonna of the Twisted Stitcher suggest using cardboard like type coasters for her circle ornaments.

Heidi said...

I really like your ornaments, you did great!

Anonymous said...

The one on the left... it really is nice! [wink]

Melanie C.