Monday, October 22, 2007

Ready to turn in my mommy card.

Warning: this post is not for the faint of heart or who have a weak stomach.

First, an apology to the pharmaceutical industry, my child is not allergic to your antibiotics...It was a stomach virus. How do I know? Well I got the same 6-12 hour virus Sat and my husband Sunday. NOW I am pissed at the world.
I have not been sick* in about 12 years and Saturday night....FIVE times! Ugh. I HATE vomiting, as my mother put it, I would rather give birth again. I was never even sick during my pregnancy (THANK GOD). So the next day, Sunday I had to care for A. (who is feeling just peachy now thank you very much) on about 4 hours of sleep. I had a tough time standing without feeling weak. I could not wait for Ian to get home and let me sleep, but of course he came home with the bug and headed right for the bedroom/bathroom for the night, he is now sleeping it off today, which is supposed to be my day "off".

Why does no one tell you you get to relive your childhood illnesses again when you have a baby??? I have gone the past 15 years with only the occasional cold/sore throat maybe a flu here or there. I have earned the right to be healthy, but now, NOW? Will I get strep throat every winter again?, ear infections, chicken pox, viruses, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, ringworm, dysentery, lice??? AGGGHHHHH!!!
i am so scared.

*Sick from illness, I am not counting the fun,numb,drunk sick.


Anna van Schurman said...

Don't be scared. You don't get it all again, but there will be lots of fluish stuff for a while. Now that my cousin's kids are 6 & 7 they don't bring so many colds and flus home from school any more. Eventually, it will be better. Hang on to your mommy card.

chiloe said...

Unfortunately: YES ! lol (just kidding)

Kendra said...

Like Anna said, you won't get it all again, but you will probably find yourself with more colds/little bugs than you used to get. With A in daycare, it'll help, believe it or not - she'll build up her immunity to the general bugs at this early age.

My 2 just got over a round of flu and "flu light" (the 11-month-old got a much lighter version than the 4-year-old), but other than a slight sore throat and stuffy head, I didn't catch it. And I was coughed and sneezed on for 2 weeks.

Don't turn in that Mommy Card just yet. :-)

Lee said...

Shall I tell you my head lice story? Or are you still too woozy?

Ahhh. Good times...good times.

Sparkley Stitches said...

Oh you poor love. Lice yes - everything else not always but sometimes. I love the way the men take themselves to bed and we have to struggle on - hey ho.