Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm back

stash accumulation
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The mission was a sucess. The flights up to PA were easier than the flights home.The flights up were in the afternoon when A was happy and observant. The flights back were in the morning when she really just wanted to sleep and couldn't. On saturday I got my hair cut and colored professionally for the first time in my life (the color part not the cut part). and then we headed to Covered Bridge Needlearts in Bridgewater, PA. It was a wonderful shop and I got all this stuff:
1. JCS ornament mag 07 (I am not sure why i did not get one with my subscription, and I am a bit dissapointed in this one for the very first time in 8 years , but I have to keep up the collection, right?)
2. LNS Home of a Needleworker
3. Bent Creek :The littles: Leprachaun
4. Bent Creek : the Red thread: Smell the Flowers
(I am not going to do all of this series, I just really liked this one.)
5. Trilogy : Winter Line up (the penguins make me giggle)
6. JBW: Blessings
And 2 I had never heard or seen of
7. The Gathering Place: Autumn Shadows
8. Marilynn and Jackies Collectables: Ringlet tree

These last 2 had fuzzy/bad photos but looked like they had alot of potential.

I know that designing can't be easy but how difficult is it to find a printer to print an accurate photo. In this digital age it can't be that hard. OKoK Enough ranting

My mom had a party on Sunday to show A. off to local friends and we all watched the Steelers lose, but she had fun:

having fun
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Monday we went to help my sister start planning her wedding in a year by looking at some locations. None so far fit her bill for the ability to have the ceremony outside by trees and the n a reception place at the same site. Apparently my job in addition to being Matron of honor is to keep her from panicing over the next 12 months. Can you believe anyone agreed to marry this?: Just kidding Liz.

with aunt liz
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Oh and as a side note Wil Wheaton has his new book out! It is all about growing up geek in the 80s. I am debating if I want to order an autographed copy this time around. I love his 2 previous books Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek


Abi said...

I'm glad you had a great trip! Love the stash!

xsquared said...

Awesome stash additions! And A. is just the cutest thing - love the shot of her and your sister!