Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spookline by Sam Sarah

Spookline by Sam Sarah
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Doesn't look like it would take 2 years does it? I changed this sucker so many times it is almost unrecognizeable from the original. The fabric is some random linen I had hanging around. The right hand leaves and green blocks are in WDW Kudzu instead of Cresent colors Green onion. The top border was moved down 4 blocks, the stars re-arranged and one extra added, and I eliminated the thread "hanging" the moon and stars (just seemed a bit strange to me).

I have NO idea how I am going to finish it. I guess that is my one quirk. I stitch to stitch, not to finish and display. For me the joy is in seeing it come to life. Consequently I have a drawer full of stitched projects that I really don't care about or think about that much. GO figure.


xsquared said...

Looks great! I never would have known you changed threads or moved things around. Whenever I change things, it always seems to become a big mess ;)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on the finish! They look like they are having a wonderful Halloween:)

Jenna said...

Very cute! I like that you made it your own with the color and design changes. It looks like it would make a nice pillow?