Thursday, October 18, 2007

One of those days

Today baby girl got sick, for the first time in her short life. Let me back up a bit to tell the story. Tuesday I head in to daycare to pick A. up to find the county health dept there telling parents that a caregiver was diagnosed with pertussis (whooping cough). So they are weighing all the babies and giving us a 5 day run of azithromycin. A. is all up to date with her vaccines (she just got a DTaP on the 5th), and I am reluctant to give her an antibiotic to treat something that probably does not exist in her. So I call my Ped and he says do it anyway. So yesterday she got her first dose at 5 pm.

This morning she drank a ton of milk, and then promptly threw it back up on me. Baby exorcist style. But she seemed happy and drank abit more so I think she will be ok. I head to my car only to realize my keys...they are in Ian's car at his work, so I move all the stuff for school to the truck (I have been away for a week so there is a lot of it). I finally get her to daycare, and I get to work to try and catch up on every thing. A minute before I am about to leave my office and teach a class, the daycare calls (no surprise) to tell me A. threw up her bottle...and tell me she has loose stool (which she has had since she was born! Breastfed !Hello!) I mention I think it is just the anitbiotic,to which they say no it can't be (it is like the first side effect listed on the fact sheet they gave us!) I call Ian who luckily can leave early to grab her, and I go teach DNA replication to a bunch of confused freshman.
I get home after Ian feeds her a bottle, only to have her throw it up an hour later. She is lethargic and pissed that she is hungry. I Call doctor, he says hold of on another antibiotic treatment, made appt for tomorrow. I feed her just an ounce an hour for three hours hoping small amts will help puke so far, she is now asleep, but i am not sure how long that will last. For the record I think it is the antibiotic...not a bug.

Ah motherhood...I am looking forward to a lifetime of sicknesses!

( Meg, we saw Resident Evil: Extinction yesterday....Don't ask)

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ollie1976 said...

Hope she feels better soon.