Monday, June 27, 2005

A Good Weekend

Are you officially old and boring if a good weekend is one in which you spend it at home and clean? I mean sure I have no $$ to go out shopping or to the movies or a bar, but even if I did I would probably just spend it on something for the house.
We are having a 4th of July party and my mom and stepdad are coming for a visit on their way to the beach on the 18th so I thought now would be a good time to start cleaning (I mean really cleaning) the house.
Sat I raked the whole backyard of twigs and burned them. Mowed the high parts, watered the garden well, and weeded and deadheaded alot of the yard won't look like total crap next week. Then Sunday I cleaned up and dusted the Master bedroom, the Drunken Library (see below), and the Craft /Guest bedroom. These rooms are not as often used as the others so those get next weekend. Ian and I discussed the scrapbooking/photo sorting plan for July...and are putting it off til August, since July is rapidly filling up and Santa is coming along fast...I mean cruzin, I got the rabbit done and the beard will be completely done this week.

What is the Drunken Library? well it is this dark panelled room that seemed to have no purpose when we moved in. Besides a fireplace and a built in is not a dining room (maybe if it was opened to the kitchen more...but that requires removing walls and redoing the kitchen $$$). and it is not a "family room" (fireplace and very dark). It's just sort of an extension off of the hall from the kitchen to the bed rooms...So we put in bookshelves and a bar in that builtin cupboard complete with fridge and maybe someday a sink. and called it ...the Drunken Library...I can see I will have to post pictures now...edit:added photos.

PS. Does any one out there watch the Dead Zone on USA? last nights episode was great I loved the character of Alex! Give her a permanent spot!

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