Sunday, May 22, 2005

Of to see the wizard

Or at least the Cajun cook :) I am packing for New Orleans as I type this. I was planning on leaving you with all kinds of pictures to look at while I was gone including my clamatis that finally bloomed, a finished waxing moon birds pic and santa's progress. But my computer at home is on the fritz and it will not upload my pictures.

I wont be blogging till next sat when I get home...but till then Ill give you 2 movie reviews
Star Wars Revenge (or is it return?) of the Sith: Of all three NEW SW movies it was the best one (but that aint saying much). The characters finally have a chance to be developed and it isn't as rushed as the other 2. Ewan McGregor does a fabulous job of being a Obi Wan that you can truly believe will turn into Crazy old Ben Kenobi in the first (next) star wars. The movie brings the story right up to the next movie wonderfully so that after leaving the theater I wanted to go home and watch Star Wars on my old VHS tape. That being said I wish the Padome and Aniken scenes were left on the cutting room floor...the dialogue is horrible but with SOME emotion the two of them could have pulled it off. as it is you only believed they loved each other when they were alone. They should of brought back Harrison Ford and Carrie there was chemistry...made you stomach do flops when they finally kissed .

the second movie I am reviewing is out on DVD: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I had heard mixed reviews of this one. of course the artsy charlie kaufman fans loved it, but what about the regular movie people....those of us who like to be entertained and not challeged constantly.
Ian and I were pleasently surprised....If you liked Being John Malkovich and Adaptation but felt they were a bit weird or off (could live with out seeing them again,) then you will like this one. Finally a Jim Carrey movie where his is even MORE normal than you or I. Ha.

Off to new orleans...I present tues at 3:30...send me some good juju.

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