Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Progress as of 5/9/05

Progress as of 5/9/05
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Okok here you go, the upper part of the staf is done, and the left side of the beard...I am starting on the sleeve and will continue down the left side. He is actually moving along quite well and could be mostly done before I get bored.
We started to watch The Right Stuff last night, it is a long movie, interesting...but very late 70s/early 80s style. Oh and the music that accompanies the well known shot of all 7 walking in their suits, was not what I thought it was.
What is cool is watching it with Ian (who is a flight history/NASA buff) cause then I could ask him stuff about the movie that wasn't clear...like why didn't Yeager get to try out for the space program (he never went to college) and is Deke Slayton the same Deke in Apollo 13 (Yes..and he didn't fly in the Mercury program...but did in Gemini)and did Grissom ever admit to blowing the hatch? (no) I could go on and on....you know for someone who hates it when people talk during a movie...I asked a lot of questions...ah the benifits of DVD, you can go back and see it again.

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