Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Still in the Christmas mood

I know I am crazy...a non stitching friend asked me why I was doing a santa in May... its tough to explain a screaming WIP to a non stitcher.

Any way here is my current progress, I think I'll finish this side (a rabbit and more robes) and take a break...
I am ready (and now guilt free) to start the seaside sampler.

If you click on the photo and take a good look you can see the fabric visible in places between stitches...I have never been able to solve this problem...maybe if I railroaded every stitch, and maybe if I stitched each cross seperately, and maybe if i used shorter lengths, and maybe if i used thread heaven on every thread...but I have tried all these techniques and they never completely solve the problem and make it more work than fun. Its kind of a toss up I guess, Make your work look perfect and hate every minute of it...or have fun and it not be perfect.

This is the main reason why I don't do the big colorful complicated designs...TW, Mirabila, etc....I am just not that good. ( To see someone who is that good ...see Jo) This Santa will be the last BIG one for a while.
On top of all that, the dove and the owl are 7 years old and showing some wear (and a few stains)...I may end up ripping them in the end.


Cathy said...

In response to your comment, the professor was Houlihan, and he more than likely is the one everyone complained about. So funny that you know about Pi Nu, I was in that fraternity (it's how I met my husband!)

Taneya said...

Your Santa is gorgeous!!! I enjoyed reading through your blog. I grew up in Greensboro - my father still lives there -- just wanted to wave to a fellow North Carolinian. :-)