Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crafty is as crafty does

Scrapbooking page
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I went to a Creative Memories event yesterday, Memoranza, and "scrapbooked" 16 pages in 6 hours. (see example to your right) I say scrapbook in quotes, cause I do nothing like what you see in the magazines and in craft stores nowadays, with all the ribbons and tags and buttons, ugh how about pictures people. Any way I was able to do finish our trip to Charleston that we took in March (that is the most recent event I have pics of), and almost all of 1997 (I had all those pics cropped and ready). I am very excited since this is the first of my photos that I have been able to get done. I did do an album for Ian for christmas of our first 3 pets ...but it was one of those small albums. I figure if I will simultaneously work on some old stuff and the most recent stuff...then eventually I may catch up.

I diligently came home and worked on the Damselfly, No pic though, since the iridescent krenick doesn't show in pics, I think it is pointless till the backstitching gets started. I was able to get most of the third wing done before running out of thread...I have to head out and find 032 BF today, but since it is one of the more popular, I should be able to get it at AC Moore. If not Hobby Lobby will be open tomorrow (I hate sundays, no one is open!). I did buy a sectional gold frame to frame her once she is done. I was going to find a open frame but 8X10 was too small by a smidge, and I don't think she needs a mat (besides I suck at cutting them) the frame is a 9X10, and I am debating glass, my instinct is no cause of all the iridesence. Opinions?

Finally I have 3 days to clean the house and yard before my family descends upon this place (6 people all told) for graduation on friday. Wish me luck, I am feeling very unmotivated today.


Jenna said...

I agree with you about the scrapbooking. I do it, as well, but I do fairly plain layouts. I see these women bring in these really fancy pages and I look at it and wonder where the focus is really supposed to be? You can hardly see the pictures for all of the other stuff on the page...

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Your scrapbook page looks great! Like you (and Jenna, apparently), I also do plain pages. Lots of pics, but not a lot of other stuff. Your post reminds me that I need to get back to my own scrapbooking. Of course, I'll need to put my needle down first! LOL

Laren said...

Nothing wrong with simple pages, as you say, the focus should be on the pictures not the frou-frou that seems to dominate pages now days.