Friday, May 05, 2006

View from river street inn

Hello there everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting, my computer was being uncooperative. Here is the view from one of the three floor to celing windows in the River Street Inn in Downtown Savannah.

We left Sunday night, stopped overnight in Columbia, and arrived in Savannah in Mon. Ian booked the night in the Inn which is located in one of the old cotton warehouses on the riverfront. It was really great to be in a hotel room that was furnished with real furniture. We have only done that once the Biltmore Hotel in Ashville. Dinner was at a Morrocan resturant, neither of us had ever had morrocan food before, and it was excellent. We headed down to Tybee Island on Tuesday (and the Howard Johnson...back to the real world!)
and enjoyed the beach before heading back wed.

I was able to start and finish the border of the damselfly on the trip , and finished the lower right wing last night. Just 2 wings left to fill in and back stitching (a ton of that!) in the next week.

I also found a big mistake...if you look at my past photos there is some brown where there isn't now. I found 2 symbols that were swapped on the pattern, a brown and a green, I only saw it cause of the photo on the pattern (which looked different from my finished product), I thought it looked strange but trusted the pattern. But think it looks good now.

as of 5/5/06
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Jenna said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Glad to hear it. :) Your damselfly is looking really good, too.