Thursday, April 27, 2006

Devils Darning Needle indeed.

So I was really worried about this thing, it was seeming to take forever, and I had hoped that moving on to the wings would be faster. But of course they are done in all krenick threads so I was swearing every third stitch (thats even with using Thread Heaven). I as of yesterday I was thinking I may not finish this on time. I only have two weeks to go. But last night I had a brilliant (and totally anti rules) idea. I would outline the wings...I know it is usually a bad Idea since there is the potential (read garanteed) to stitch over the outline. So I tried it with the upper right wing and the filling in went much faster, and since the iridesent white thread is very subtle visually (hence the previous bout of swearing), the outline was not obsured at all. I was able to finish one wing tonight and have hope hat with 4-5 more nights (20-25 hours more)I might finish this b***h. I hope my advisor likes it.

Speaking of school, I handed in my final, 2 copies of my thesis, to the grad school (along with $60 "binding and shelving fee"). I have to take three more copies over to another binder for my own copies (cheaper).
But technically as of 1 pm tomorrow my Graduate school career is over...after my last office hour to hand out final grades

In other news I called my wedding photographer, only to find out that he has moved to Charleston and is no longer in Savannah. Figures...but I am planning on finally buying my wedding album within the next month or two, I don't care if he is on Mars.

Our anniversary(3 yrs) was yesterday but we didn't do anything special...we are planning to celebrate it next week in Savannah


My Life In Stitches said...

I looks great. I am sure it will be loved.
Just that I would mention...Savannah is my favorite city and Charleston is my DH's.
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Stitching,

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary! I really like the damselfly, even if she has been a pain. She's going to be gorgeous when finished. I am glad that the outlining idea worked out so well for you. Here's to electric needles! :)

Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary!

Stitch Heather Stitch!!!!!

Singular Stitches said...

Happy Anniversary!

Specialty threads...*shudder*. Looks lovely, though!