Sunday, April 16, 2006

Back to stitching

I has been pretty nice not having to worry about my thesis this weekend. I was able to go out to a the NC herb society herb sale (they have it every year at the local greek orthodox church), and bought a few plants. I cleaned up the backyard on friday and contracted to have a fence put in. yesterday I cleaned the house, and did all the laundry. There is still a big list of stuff to get done before everyone comes down before graduation but it actually looks like it might all get done.

Meanwhile I was asked by Brenda the owner of the Dye is Cast, at the last tarheel get together if I would stitch up a few of the Erica Micheals freebies using The Dye is Cast fibers.

I chose to do the first four letters of Erica Micheals alphabet. and Brenda picked out fabric and fibers for the conversions. I loved how A came out. B I think could of been better on darker fabric. I would love to do the whole alphabet some day, these stitch up very quickly.

However I have to get back to work on the damselfly for my advisor in order to have it done by graduation. So C amd D will have to wait.
Ill be blogging more often check back soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the alphabet letters. I would like you to help me design a pattern from something Grandpa had on his dresser his whole life-a little paper plaque with four quotes on it. Maybe we could use some of the letters you're using. The quotes are: "Cultivate poise","Talk less and listen more", "Reserve your best thoughts for the elect few", and "Be gentle and keep your voice low." Maybe you remember seeing it. Let me know what you think. Mom

Jenna said...

Wow, yummy colors! I agree that the lighter one doesn't show up as well, but the colors for A really pop. Looks like a fun stitch! I'd like to do them at some point...

Patti said...

Heather, I really like the colors - a lot more than those in the original photos. I've not heard of these fibers before so I'm off to take a peak!