Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Melanies Exchange -recieved

Hi everyone. I got my exchange today... from Melanie. Maybe I should explain. See this was a two way exchange. First Person 1 bought fabric, a speciality fiber and a charm or beads, then sent them to person 2, then person 2 had to use the materials to make the finished product (no theme limits) then send it to person 3. this was called Melanies exchange cause it was her idea. It was Chiara that picked out the fiber (Gast purple iris, and the pretty blue mill hill beads) And Melanie stitched the heart and made the most well made bag I have ever seen. (and I know she did it a bit last minute which mkes it even more impressive). It is lined and everything, I would love to have that kind of talent. She also sent me some hand dyed thread done by her and a package of Reflections Silkweaver fabric, and finally some chocolate! A win win situation all around.


Melanie said...

Hee! I'm so glad you like it Heather :)

Jenna said...

What a lovely package! Melanie did a great job and sent some really nice goodies, too. :)