Thursday, October 06, 2011

First Needlepoint!


So this past summer on vacation in Charleston I was very excited to visit Keep 'em in Stitches a LNS located in nearby Summerville, SC. The last time I was there in 2005 it was a lively place full of people,  the store was hosting a trunk show by Cindy Valentine,  and had the latest cross stitch stuff out of Nashville.  This time however, I walked in to a empty (of people) and dusty store. I was *not* greeted by a cobwebby old woman in an easy chair I had no idea if she was a customer or a proprietor ( I later found out was the owner's mother). I wandered around abit uncomfortably looking at dated charts and empty racks.  I am not sure if it is the economy or illness or something else, but I have a distinct feeling it will not be there much longer. Counter to that, my visit to Stitch and Frame on the way home in Rock Hill, SC was awesome! the place was packed and the store was full of goodies. (spent most of my money there)

Anyway while I was wandering about looking for something to buy, I did spot a finished and framed needlepoint that I immediately fell in love : Two Haunted Houses by With Nancy's Needle.  I bought the kit, and about 1 month ago finally got my hands on a frame and tacks for the canvas.  I have been working on it steadily since then and am almost done (this picture is a week old, I only have part of the border left).

Most needlpoint patterns do not appeal to me, and i am not sure i'll do more, but it is easy stitching!


Sharon said...

It looks great! I have tried needlepoint, but can't seem to get the hang of it.

C in DC said...

Sometimes it's fun to try a different kind of needlework just as a change of pace from cross stitch. I find that doing a different kind of project every once in a while helps my regular stitching.