Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A update and recap of fall 10 (Part1)

Hello everyone, How was your 2nd half of 2010? When i ditched my blog in August I really ditched everything in the blogosphere, I stopped reading almost all blogs, reading message boards, participating in exchanges, being on twitter, and really slowed down my own stitching.  After some serious reflection I think this outlet fulfilled a need I had back in 05 that has since disappeared. But i cannot bring myself to shut her down. SO i thought I would post a brief update about what  happened  in my life, and part 2 will review the stitching i HAVE done in 2010. I have no idea how often i will be around in the future...continue reading to see why.

  • We went on a family vacation to a lake in VA this summer- tons of fun
view from lske house
  • I had a VERY hectic semester, I helped design a online class for high school on a 2 month deadline, and i took a grad school class which ended up a total disaster in the long run. (I got an A but am not sure i deserved it really)
  • I planned and executed a HUGE Halloween party, so of course there was buying and crafting and planning, and we had a modest turnout...but could of been better. (I was the Ghostess, Ian was Ashe from Army of Darkness, and A was a Witch)





  • I became pregnant -planned very carefully as usual, this baby is due June 14, 2011.  So now I know I will have to really cut back on crafts/stash, but this decision was well thought out for the past 3 years.  so currently we are purging our craft room, now the new baby room. (photos are mid purge) On the up side I am finishing a bunch of stitching, which will be the next post.




    Lee said...

    How wonderful to see your blog pop up in my Reader just now! I'm so glad that you're doing so well. I think of you often.

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy. That's wonderful news.

    And do we ALL have futons in our craft rooms? I have that exact model...

    Anna van Schurman said...

    Your daughter is as cute as that Mary Engelbreit witch everyone was stitching for a while. It's very happy news and a fine reason for less stitching and blogging. Congratulations and all best wishes!

    Sharon said...

    Congratulations on the wonderful news! I had been hoping you would post. Please email and let me know how to find you on facebook.