Thursday, August 05, 2010

Should I continue blogging?

 The other night I was reflecting on my blog and why it feels more like a chore than something enjoyable, and I have been debating whether or not I should keep it up. and the reasons for and against kept going around in my head,  I figured I might have a better shot an an answer if i wrote it all down and got some feedback from my followers

 Positive ---I have been blogging since 9/2004, this is my 470th post.  I have 39 "followers", not bad (I have more here than in real life.  I do like sharing my stitching accomplishments with fellow stitcher's who includes those I do not see at my other stitch groups. I admit it, I like to show off when I do something i am proud of. I often go thru a slump in blogging usually coinciding with a slump in stitching. I want to keep my blog so I can do and post exchanges. No one cares how often I post..they can use dashboard to find me when I do post. I shouldn't care and I should do it for myself.

Negative---This is Facebook's fault, since I joined around this time last year I am posting my "life" over there and feel no need to blog regularly.    My blog posts per year have consistently gone down since 2005 (129) 2009 (51) 2010, (21 so far). How low till it is not worth my time? Readers are annoyed I don't post often, and they will unfollow me. My blogging slumps feel longer than they used to.  I do not feel I am getting as much enjoyment out of blogging like i used to. I'll regret dropping my blog if I ever want to do it again.

Hmm... I think that is it.  Anyone have an opinion?  Anyone ditched their blog and then regretted it, or never looked back?

I did stitch an ornament out of the Ornament Preview issue of Just cross Stitch. At first I dismissed it until I figured out it was a picture sentance.  I used the called for DMC, "A Partridge in a Pear Tree" Now I forget who the designer is. Rats,  I don't want to guess.  
Edited: It is Glory Bee
A partridge in a pear tree

I will be off on vacation soon, and will not be bringing my computer with me. So Ill see you all in about a week .


Anna van Schurman said...

I like hearing from you. And since I am on Google Reader, I can never tell how long it's been since someone posted, for the most part. What if you linked your blog to facebook? Posting here would be like popping up something there, and you'd have more followers, sort of. ?? I find we're almost always quieter in the summer and then again in December as we prep for Christmas.

Denise said...

It doesn't matter to me how often you post. I like to see what others are stitching.

But, if it feels like work and you don't want a part-time job - we'll understand.

Smiles - Denise

Tracy J said...

I did delete my blog...altogether! In a way that I can not get it back. If you simply delete it, blogger gives you 3 months to get it back but I didn't do that. I deleted my entire blogger account.

With that said, sometimes I regret it and sometimes I don't. I had almost 200 followers when I deleted mine but that didn't matter to me because I realized that the blogging community was becoming political. If someone leaves you comments, then you are obligated to leave some in return and so on. I really wanted to have genuine comments on my blog since I feel I do pretty good work. Plus, I realized that none of the people I blogged with were really my friends and could not be there for me when I really needed someone. Also, there is a new trend in having drawings to get "followers" and some of these people never even send out the prize, I don't care for this practice too much.

however, I do still want to show off my work. So I started a new blog. I don't comment much anymore so not too many people know about me and that is o.k. since I only want genuine comments anyway. I figure, if someone is looking for inspiration and does a google search for any of my pieces, they will find me.

I hope this helps you with your decision.

p.s. I don't delete blogs from google reader unless it has been 3 months since there has been a post.

C in DC said...

I've been reading your blog on and off for a while. I like seeing your projects. I'd say blog when you feel the need and don't worry about who's following you. I too have found Facebook to be distracting, but I post different information there.

Juanita said...

Most of us go through cycles with blog posting. I'm horribly irregular with it, but I like having a record of the various projects I've been working on. As for followers, I doubt most people get annoyed... I know I don't. ;) I read on Bloglines, where it is very easy just to click on the new stuff, so irregular posting isn't really a problem.

You need to do what makes you happy, but stitchers & crafters really do like to see what others are working on.

Sharon said...

I like to see what you are working on whenever you post. It doesn't matter to me how often anyone does it. I have considered doing the same thing only because I felt I was in a competition with others. My own thinking-not their's naturally and I was getting discouraged because I felt like I never finished anything. However I am working past that and just trying to enjoy my stitching.

I have met some really nice people and I would love to maintain contact with them. Anyway, I hope you will continue, plus I love to hear little bits about A-she is too adorable.

saras said...

I'm going through the same choice right now! :) Maybe it's the month?! LOL I just feel like there's a lot of other ways to better spend my time. Course I still like to read others blogs, so I'm still using that tmie up anyway. Who knows. I'm done for now!But once school starts back and life calms down who knows! :)

Cathy said...

My posts have also diminished ridiculously since I joined Facebook. However, I write my blog for me. It's my way of keeping a record of our lives. I do not scrapbook, so this is it. I enjoy going back over the past years and reading what was going on with the kids, what projects I was working on, etc. I do not post as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it when I do.

I also use Bloglines, so your posts will appear when you post. I always like seeing what you're working on. I say keep it and post when you're feeling like it. At the very least, don't delete it. There might be posts you'll miss having in the future.

Abi said...

I like reading your blog. :) I do agree about Facebook getting in the way of blogging. I think its easier to do FB as you can do one-sentence updates, whereas having a blog feels like you have to have a good size post... at least I used to feel that way. I haven't blogged in forever (life got in the way), but I don't think I would want to give it up completely. If no one follows me, that's okay. I like having a record of my stitching and what my kids have been up to.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I enjoy watching your stitching, and am not a facebooker. On my blog I have claimed blogging without obligation...

One of the reasons I love my blog is because my intent is to keep a sort of journal of my stitching - although sometimes that fails, it is better than my real 'memory'. Don't feel guilty - do what pleases YOU!!

Sonda in OR said...

It's been 6 months since I posted and probably about that many since I read anyone's blogs. But I'm catching up. I, too, facebook, but most of my FB friends are uninterested in my's just not the same crowd (with the exception of a few.) I like the blogging without obligation and I like drooling over the lovely stitching and finishing that other people do. I'm pleased that people take the time to stop by my blog even if I haven't posted in forever.

In the end, we can give our opinions, but you have to do what feels best for you. Blog or don't. Comment on other blogs or don't. It will be OK.

Matina said...

Keep doing it!