Sunday, April 08, 2007

Round and Round and round

May and June minikats
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Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it, and belated Passover greetings from last week.

But on to the important things, cross stitch. I joined a round robin a couple of months ago, my first ever,...not thinking as a transformed parent yet...and instead of bailing on the group, I am going to use it as the perfect excuse to keep cross stitch in my life during this time of transition, Sleep or no sleep. It consists of 6 folks and will go until next Feb. I chose to do a design I have been meaning to do for a while...the 12 monthly mini-kats by Calico Crossroads. It is on 28 count Laguna instead of the 14 ct aida called for. Each person only has to do one, but I did 2 to get us rolling...May and June. May took a couple of days, June only 1 day to do. I will be sending this off as soon as I can (although the robin does not officially start till May).

after this picture, my cat Sam asked if he could be a mini-kat, I told him he did not fit.....not happy.

Sam -trying to be a mini kat
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Jenna said...

I love the mini-kats! I hope that you are able to keep stitching as a new mom. :)

Rowyn said...

LOL at the photo of Sam! The mini-kats sure are cute.

xsquared said...

Great idea for a RR! I have a few of the mini-kat charts, they are adorable. Nice to know that they stitch up quick.