Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I know....I suck.

I hate the cycle of not blogging. You want to blog, but then there is so much to say, and then it all sounds boring in your head, and you would have to pull out the camera to upload and download and all that crap. So you don't blog, and then more stuff happens and then more pics are taken, and the cycle continues.

In order to break this cycle I will soundbite what I want to tell you. Then I will return to elaborate on some of them in the near future.

  • I got back from NH (family vacation) last week. I visited a total of 4 LNS on the way up and there. Got a lot of stuff and have reviews of the stores to post.
  • It rained in NH. ALOT
  • I haven't stitched squat lately
  • I am fighting a smidge of frustration with my child of 14 months: I am not asking her to walk and talk. Just maybe a crawl and a word other than dada. How bout a sign? I have be signing to her for 8 months!
  • I leave in 1 week for my visit to PA for my sisters bridal shower.
  • I finagled a way to go to VEGAS for 24 hours...just to experience Star Trek: The Experience. Guess that makes me a Trekkie.
  • I got totally sucked into the Twilight Series, didn't realize it was a teen romance sort of book till about the 5th page but I ended up reading the first three books in 4 days (yes they are all 500 pages long) Only the third one pulled me out of the story with over the top teen agst. Hey, I read Sweet Dreams romance as a teen so this is totally up my alley.

OK I will be back soon


Margaret said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to read your LNS reviews..... I owe my sister a visit (she's in NH) and wouldn't it be nice to combine it with a little stash enhancement?

Lee said...

Ooooh! LNS reviews! Exciting!

Chiloe said...

If you are frustating with your baby not doing much, you should talk to her pediatrician so you will feel less frustating. People on line will tell you a lot of things but only a specialist will tell if she's fine or not.

Can't wait to read the review and see som epics !!! lol

Sonda in OR said...

Hey I think I've been stuck in that same cycle before...did we pass each other?? LOL!