Sunday, June 25, 2006


Hello all I am here and doing well. I arrived after a 9 hour ride up from Fairbanks on thursday and went right to work the next day. I got to ride in a helicoper out to a lake 14 miles away on Fiday to do sampling, and yesterday we hiked about a mile to another lake to sample. the routine wil be about that every day. drive fly or hike to a lake or stream, take water, benthic (bottom), and algal samples, bring back to camp and process the samples (by filtering or picking out the invertebrates). I will be able to post a few pics on flickr. when ever I upload to the set ( Toolik 06) I shall let you know here. just click on the picture here to see the rest of the set.


Deb L said...

The photo of Sukakpak Mountain really caught my eye. The goat is cute, but Sukakpak is the sort of photo that adds to the plus side of "reasons to let the Husband convince me to hike in Alaska someday". :)

Good luck with finding time to stitch, but with views and excitement like that, who could blame you if you just revelled in the wilderness?

Anonymous said...

Are the green tube like things what you sleep in? Hey I want to ride in a helicopter too. :)

Anonymous said...

that was from me


~Harsha~ said...

oh.. lovely photo. thanks for sharing.