Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday before the Big Chill

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Ok now I know why people just stop blogging, You have stuff to post but the day just flies by and then you have more stuff to post, but then your thinking how can I get this all in one post, and then another day goes by. etc. etc. Well when you mom comments that you haven't posted in a while, you know its bad.
OK so Below this post you will find a few more photos of Alaska, and Drum roll please, a cross stitch pic or two (ok two) to tell you the truth I haven't been stitching much, and I am not sure I will be doing a whole lot of stitching up in Toolik. I wil be taking a few pieces...simple stuff. Sealology, which is pictured here. Signs of Summer and maybe Signs of Winter. and a couple of Tie One On kits.

I think I have everything packed for the middle of nowhere Alaska for 6 weeks (and when I say middle of nowhere I mean the nearest drug store is a 300 mile gravel road away). So I've have to think of stuff that you wouldn't normally on any other week long trip. Have you ever tried to quantify the amount of shampoo you use in 6 weeks...II haven't either.
I Leave Wed at noon and won't be online again till Friday. I hope to blog then at the very least.


Singular Stitches said...

Have a good trip!

Seaology looks great! We all live in a yellow submarine...

Melissa said...

Enjoy your trip! I think 6 weeks in the middle of nowhere sounds wonderful. Then again most of my Alaska knowledge comes from Nothern Exposure.

Suz said...

Seaology looks excellent!

All of your pictures looked great. Enjoy the trip :) (I wasn't about to post a comment on *every* one ;) )