Friday, September 01, 2006

All signs of the Seasons

Oh my, I FINALLY found my camera last night (It had fallen in the cushions of my couch) and took pictures of everything I hve done stitching wise since I finished SIgns of summer. Well here it is I finished Signs of Winter and Signs of Spring (see closeups in the below posts).
Two weekends ago I stripped the frames i wanted to use of dark green paint, unfortunately I could not get all the paint off of the wood (I am sure it wasn't sealed or primed), and their were too many details in the frames to sand it all off. I had wanted to use colored stains but with all the green left I had to go back to the old standby, acrylic paint. The colors are actually a bit more muted than the photo shows, and I hit the frames with a bit of steel wool to weather them a bit. I think Fall and Winter are my favorites. now I just have to find a spot to hang them.

In addition I have been trying to finish up Seaology By Trilogy, I had trouble with the light house when I was away from my Ott-lite in alaska because the 612 matched the fabric so closely.

I am very excited about this one, I think I am willing to spare the cash (now that I am gainfully employed with no car payment!) and have it professionally framed, It is such a wierd size that I know it would take me forever to do it myself. the trick is to find a good framer and so far the ones in this town, have used masking tape (ok I am sure it was "framers" tape but still I have an aversion to it) or have been astronomically priced, even after I stretched it myself. I haven't tried the bigger box craft stores, due to the horror stories. But I have one more framer in mind that I am going to try.


Singular Stitches said...

Signs of the Seasons is gorgeous! I love the color of the frames you selected for each season. Are you going to hang the set as a cluster, or one at a time during each season?

Anna van Schurman said...

Your "signs" are so cute. I think the frames look fantastic!

Lee said...

Great job, Heather! The frames are wonderful.

K in Kentucky said...

FWIW, I've had several pieces framed at Michael's (2 different stores) and have been very pleased with the results. They often run coupons in their ads for 50% either part or all of a custom framing that could help with the $$ aspect.
Love the seasonal pieces...the painted frames look great!

------- said...

Dear Stitcher:
I really like your work - everything is really stunning!
I have seen that you have stitched Village Sampler from Prairie Schooler as a gift to your Mother.
Please apologise me for asking but could you please be so kind to give a copy of the chart (I can't afford to buy on Ebay) or to exchange for another chart?
My mother is very ill and I would like to stitch it for her as a present to cheer her up (she saw a photo of it and enjoyed it very much).
My e-mail is (I'm from Portugal).
I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for all your help and kindness.
With my best regards,