Monday, June 01, 2009

2 years old

2 years old
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Hard to believe that almost 2 years ago today I gave birth to a squishy faced baraccuda...and now she is the cutest thing ever.

Her little quirks are numerous and fun to note but what I find astounding everday is how much she feels like an extension of me, I am requently shocked at how looking at her is like looking back in time at myself as I never knew me. Hmm that makes little sense. But I bet the parents out there understand it.

She is still not walking independantly and after a couple of PT visits and another Neurologist visit the consensus is....she can/could walk...she just doesn't want to/is scared to try. Basically the current consensus and hypothesis is that her cognitive awareness of the world and herself as a person who could fall and hurt occured before she could physically she is all but terrified to fall and clings to you for dear life. Let go and she drops to a crawl. So what we need is an injection of bravery...I know some of you with little boys probably have some to spare.

Before I left the neurologist i wanted to ask him when he thought she would walk...but instead I asked when I should start to worry..."call me in 3 months if she isn't walking " was his reply.

The other little quirks include calling everything "ba" (we have a definitive vocab of only about 10-15 words...which worries me alone apparently) AND we are going through huge amounts of stranger anxiety (not seperation anxiety though interestingly enough). So much so that her visiting grand parents (my parents last week, Ians this week) have had to reintroduce themselves for 10 minutes after every sleep including naps. It makes me very anxious to try to have her pictures taken for this year...It could end in disaster.

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Lee said...

She looks like an angel! Love the smile!

Chiloe said...

SHe is a cutie !!! She has a beautiful face !!!

You know you could try social stories with her. MArita, a stitcher in Australia, uses social stories for her autistic little girl. I don't mean your daughter is autistic but I think it could help for the fear of stranger. Actually social stories could be use with a lot of kids ;-) Here is Marita's blog: Have you tried ostheopathy? You need to find someone well train but I think it is worth to try ;-)

Having seen several neurologists for Pierre, I'll say sometimes they can't really say what a kid has ... frustating but true ... and then you go home not knowing more but with your worries taking over your head ... What I really believe is that you have to look for the solutions yourself and for the therapy that could help her. Trust your instincts. And if you have an early childhood intervention, you should contact them ;-) They're great !!!

saras said...

I'd send Luke right over, but you'd want to kill me after she really gets moving! :)

Megan said...

She is just such a cutie patootie! Happy 2nd Birthday!

Abi said...

Happy Birthday!

Ayame still has MAJOR stranger anxiety. She warms up faster to children. She tends to scream in terror when approached by older people tho. :(

Suzanne said...

Your daughter is adoreable.

Margaret said...

Her smile makes me smile.

Happy Birthday sweet A!

Maren said...

What a darling little smile! She's just cute as a little bug's ear!

Some kids bloom later than others when it comes to walking and talking, but when they do start you'll sit there wondering why you were so worried in the first place. However, you know your daughter better than any doctor. Despite all his education, he only has time to take a look at her for a few minutes each visit. If your gut tells you something is wrong, don't be afraid to get a second opinion!