Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WIP blackbird sampler

WIP blackbird sampler
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

I have begun Blackbird sampler by Blackbird Designs (not to be confused with the freebie of the same name). But I am having some design issues. The first one I fixed already, I started it on 28 ct over 2 but it was coming out way to big for my taste, so now it is over one. But then the name. I think BK Adams name is there because she wrote the phrase, and there is no alphabet included with the chart to personalize it myself. So should I... A) shrink the box and leave out the last line, or B) chart out my own name and year? The other problem is sorta with the phrase myself. I like the idea of it, but in reality blackbird is not a symbol of creativity. (or not that i can find on the internets.) But a bowerbird is. I haven't charted it out yet but should I C) change it to bowerbird, or D) leave it as is cause it would mess up the balance?

Any opinions?


xsquared said...

I found some alphabets when I bought "Mother's Honor Due" - maybe one would help you chart your name?

Anonymous said...

My vote is to change it to Bowerbird.


Beth said...

If you change it to bowerbird will you have to change the appearance of the bird?

Since I'm less than optimally caffeinated at the moment I have completely blanked on your last name, so I couldn't tell whether the letters you'd need to chart it are in the text. Pet peeve of mine with sampler designers...put the whole alphabet in there, please! And numbers, too, for the date...

It sounds like something's going to change on this piece, so maybe evaluate what elements you liked about it in the first place and see how you can keep those while changing the others?