Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Halloween finishes

Halloween House Sampler
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First up is my Halloween House Sampler by The Drawn Thread. I am really not happy with this. First there were two sets of Initials on the model, but I am not sure who else's initals I could of put in here, so I just centered mine, and it looks a bit off. Then as I mentioned before the white kinds of blends in to my fabric, so it is tough to see. and finally it came out smaller than i thought it would, so it won't work in the fabulous frame I had in mind for it. What do you think?

Possible frame?
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Next up is a piece that i stitched YEARS ago, like in 2000. House Haunting by Shepherd Bush, It is finished in the model as a bag, I tried that and was not happy so it sat in the drawer for 8 years. I bought Judy Odell's instructions for a stuffed stand up this summer. They were excellent (I still think her booklets are a bit overpriced at $18 each!) and i learned a new finishing stitch that i can use on my ornaments too, a modified ladder stitch. I can teach it to you but it will cost you at least $6.

So I am pretty happy with it, for a first try. I am going to add ribbon, or buttons, or something to dress it up a bit

House haunting by Shepherds Bush
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Side view
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Tammy said...

I love your standup! I'll get back to you on the $6 for the ladder stitching method ;)

Now, about the Halloween house--I would have probably put "Boo" as the second set of initials to fill up the space---it's an adorable piece. Maybe a mat prior to framing it in that frame would help? I love it!

Cathy said...

I was also going to suggest a mat for the frame.

Nikki said...

Love the stand up!

Abi said...

I love the stand up and the frame is adorable. I second the matting idea. O what about using some ribbon instead of a mat?

Do you take post-dated checks for lessons? LOL

Beth said...

Definitely needs a little something to fill in the extra space. A mat? A border of little pumpkins or bats or the word "boo" repeated? (I know, I know...the designing of it would stop me, too.)

A mat with die cuts of bats?

Or, if you have another piece as a possibility for this frame, maybe just go with a smaller frame for this one? Maybe rustic black?

Sonda in OR said...

Love that Halloween House!