Friday, September 19, 2008

Stitching picture!

Bent Creek Angel of Joy
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Finished this last night. Bent Creek's Angel of Joy . It was in the 2000 JCS ornament issue. I love the little twisty arms. I used some old Dye is Cast threads. I especially like how the green (Basil) came out.

Sorry the photo is fuzzy. Does anyone know of a point and shoot digital camera that can take macro photos without a flash and be in focus??? seriously, I am so taking stitching in with me next time I go shop for a camera.


Margaret said...

Ask Megan! She knows her cameras.

My point and shoot (a Canon) has a "flower button" than I use when taking stitching pictures.

Beth said...

According to my husband (former medical photographer) what you need is a tripod. If I'm remembering this next part correctly, the reason is that when you are shooting without flash the shutter speed is slowed down to allow more time for the exposure. And in that extra little bit of time every tiny move of your body is moving the camera and messing up your focus. You can also try taking a deep breath, letting it half-way out, and then holding it while you shoot...which doesn't work for me because I am apparently much twitchier than I realize. :)

Sharon said...

Cute ornament finish!

Meagn said...

You know, I thought my ears were burning, and look at that, Margaret was talking about me!

Here's my tips:
1. Setup near a window during the day, so you have lots of natural light. That will also help keep the colors in your stitching "true" - you can also go near a lamp, but the bulb may give things a yellow cast.
2. As Beth said, use a tripod. You can find really tiny ones at Target, Walmart, etc that are perfect for point & shoot cameras.
3. Use the timer if your camera has one. The act of pushing the shutter button moves the camera a bit, so if you use the timer the camera will have stopped moving by the time the shot is actually taken.

Of course, I just slap my stitching on my flatbed scanner, so I don't use my own advice ;)

Hope that helps!