Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miss Mary mack mack mack is quite big big big

Miss Mary Mack
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I guess after all my smalls and over ones, She just looks huge to me. I am doing Miss Mary Mack (La di da) on 32 count english rose linen. and the patterns says it will be 8 1/2 in, by 8 1/2 in. but i thinks she looks like she will be bigger than that. One upside, she is stitching up very fast.

In other news I got the new JCS ornament issue yesterday. I was excited to see that the preview ornaments from a couple of issues ago are not repeated here, but have their complimentary versions. I think I will do Jeanette Douglas's first to be the back of the one I completed already.
I found that I want to do about 7 of these ornaments.:
Blackbird Designs, Moss Creek Designs, Hands to Work, The victoria sampler,Jeanette Douglas,Jemini Designs, and Brittercup Designs.

I was surprised at how many of these ornaments look totally phoned in. At least five of them look like " oh crap I have to have an ornament designed for JCS tomorrow" procrastination. There is always one or two, but this year there seems to be more than usual. Or am I just becoming more picky with age?


saras said...

Hey! Were you being a smartie pants about my bricks? Hmm?!! If you were.. it was the basket, not the bricks that was a PIA! :) Despite the PIA of the pattern, I love the finished product!

Megan said...

I totally hear you on the "phoning it in"-ness of some of the ornaments (LIZZIE KATE I AM LOOKING AT YOU!). I've got the Brittercup on my list too - I think I'm going to stitch that for my mom.