Saturday, December 27, 2008

Puppydog row by Bent Creek

Puppydog row by Bent Creek
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Here is Puppy dog Row by Bent creek. I did it on the 28 count linen called for by the pattern. using DMC. I am sorry about the distance in the photo, but it is long! I did this one mostly because I found a custom frame for it by Poppy Kreations very cheap. and frames for these rows are not your standard size.(it is on their website in frame gallery # 29). I hope to have it framed and hung next week. I did not like the original pink poodle that was second from the left so I made it a off-black (3799) poodle...i am still unsure about it, mostly cause of the eyes...but they just do not appear if I use black. what do you think?

Keep it or change it?

Closeup of changed dog
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

More stitching tomorrow!


Connie B said...

I think it looks just fine!! Nice stitching!

Sandra said...

It looks perfect to me, and you can see his eyes.

Beth said...

He looks great in the off-black color.

When I stitched this one I think I decided he was an "apricot" poodle and I stitched him in some peachy-tan overdye I had around. I like your idea better.

Celaina said...

keep it love it

Kate said...

Keep him - he is lovely.