Friday, November 14, 2008

Labor of love

Labor of love
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I haven't been stitching, but I have been sewing, this is Annabeths dress so far as of last night.

If you look at that hobby lobby pic below you can see that the sleeves have these cute black bows on the gathered sleeves. Well this is a "Project Runway" simplicity dress. Which means that the bodice, sleeves, and skirt can all be done like 12 different ways and then put together for an infinite amount of dress combinations. But for the model maker (see pic from previous blogging) apparently this wasn't enough cause she (or he, lets not be sexist) decided to construct the sleeves differently than the 12 ways shown. So I was going along my merry way following what i thought was the sleeve pattern i saw in the store exactly (I haven't used a pattern in 20 years people! I am reading this pattern like my life depends on it) And i end up with a sleeve hat made its bow from the band itself...not tacked on like in the store. It took me forever to figure out that i might be able to fake my way through the construction i saw in the store (it would just be more gathering/measuring/ screaming etc.) but after all my debating I figured I made one sleeve, i guess ill just do the other.
And the neckline...well the pattern just says to hem it (actually it doesn't say that, it just says to hem all remaining hems , of which the neckline is one). But I looked in the store model, and the neck is all reinforced and pretty, and finished looking. So I DID fake my way through that one, cutting fabric for the inside with interfacing and akll that nonsense.

Lord helped me I was able to do the sleeves gathered and attached to the bodice somewhat evenly. I am going to make sure this fits around Annabeth before attaching the skirt...than i get to attach a zipper (new for me too) and MAYBE we will do a holiday photo before tha holidays


Margaret said...

Looking good!!! I too haven't followed a pattern in years. I love my sewing machine, and yet I think the last zipper I put in was in the 80s! haha

Melanie said...

I think it looks great so far. You should have seen my first few sewing projects. (Shudder)
They were awful, lol.

Abi said...

I think it looks wonderful. I haven't sewn anything since high school Home Economics class! That was back in 1993!

quietgirl255 said...

Wow I am humbling bowing before you for even attempting a sewing project!

I really like your fabric you picked out too!

Megan said...

Looks great to me! I'm a menace with a sewing machine, so I'm very impressed.