Monday, March 30, 2009

Go, Dog,Go

Home of a Needleworker
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I know ...boring photo...this is Home of a Needleworker by LHN, I actually ripped out the brown roof you see here and restitched it with 3 threads cause all the white showing thru was just irritating.

So yesterday I took Annabeth to go see her first play. My school was puting on an hour production/adaptation of P.D.Eastman's Go, Dog, Go (appropriate for ages 3 to 12). I know she is only 22 months old but I did it for 1 main reason...SHE LOVES Go, Dog, Go. and I mean we read it 2-3 times a day every page.... and She can sit thru an hour of engaging TV (Elmo, Baby einstein, Signing Time, Buscuit Brothers) with out moving, so I figured I'll give it a try.

I took my husband ( the book we read was his. It is so cute on the front page where it says This Book Belongs To: after his name it says " I LIKE THIS" in the big caps of a first grader) We got there right at 2 when the play was to start. they were still selling tickets so we waited a bit and sat down right before they began. Now our seats were right in the middle of a row (giant rows of 50 folks or so)and right in the middle of the theater front to back). She was good right untill the lights go off --not fade to black mind you--and bam she begins screaming at the top of her you stabbed her, I knew I could not calm her there in the theater, so I stepped on a few toes running out of there and into the lobby where I got her calmed down in under a minute or so. At this point I am thinking they are going to kick me out for bringing a not quite 2 year old to a play....but I decided to try it once, I was able to get just inside the doors with her quiet so she could see the 1 "dog" on the stage. she jumped a couple of times when the audience laughed...but did not make a peep. There was NO way I was heading back to my seat but standing for 50 minutes was not my ideal. I snuck a look around the corner, and right there back row the last seat was open. She sat in complete rapture for the entiire show UNTIL the lights went out at the end..then the screaming started again...I think A. is afraid of the dark.
Poor Ian was stuck in the middle of the theater wondering what we were doing.


Anna van Schurman said...

Is it wrong to say I think this behavior is endearing? My niece jumps into my lap at the first sign of scary (or tense or sad) in the movie previews and stays there for the whole movie. If something scary happens, like a seal eating a penguin (stupid nature movies!) she grabs the back of my neck and pulls my head down to hers. It melts my heart. It's also good to know that I have some kind of superpower which wards off evil!

LoneStar said...

I had to laugh - I did the exact same thing to the house roof! After stitching the entire roof, I ripped it out and did it over with three plies instead of two because of the poor coverage.

Lisa (Texan)

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