Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can you blog in 15 minutes with 1 fuzzy photo?....Go-

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So I have been stitching, I swear. I had Spring Break last week but didn't get alot done cause, well lots of reasons but truly they are all boring. My mom came to visit, and Ian and I went to a B and B for a day and a night to enjoy ourselves for maybe the last time for a long time cause his job is not looking up, but mine is now and I think i will be renewed for at least another year...but there are changes coming in my department (read- bigger classes and less lecturers needed). What I really want is like 2 days to just shop for clothes and things for me, but i never have 1)time and when I have time i am out of 2)money.

Annabeth is walking with more confidence but not without holding on for dear life to mom or dad, Her day care is starting to ask if we need physical therapy and making me question if the doctor is right about PT, that it will not help speed things up. His prediction of 21-24 months for walking is here and we wait with bated breath (usually from luging around her 25? pound body)

Oh the is something not on my list but a quicky...Lizzie Kate "Cross stitcher in residence", on 28 count Navy Bean by Lakeside linens, with most of the threads called for WW and GAST and some scavenged.

gotta go teach cat anatomy...


Margaret said...

This is such a cute chart. Nice finish.

Yay Annabeth!!!! Keep up that walking!

Anna van Schurman said...

One of my also unemployed friends told me that the truism is you never have money when you have time and never have time when you have money.

I don't think it could hurt to get a second opinion about PT.

Doris said...

beautiful finish. Mayeb a second opinion be good.

Maren said...

I would definitely get a second opinion regarding the PT.

Cute finish! Yay!

Pam said...

I did that chart several years ago and I have it hanging near my stitching chair. I'm new to your blog so I just wanted to post a comment and say hello

Abi said...

Awesome finish!

Ayame's doctor wants her to see an "early intervention" specialist because she still doesn't say Mommy or Daddy and doesn't feed herself using a spoon or fork. I am holding off on that and just let her develop on her own for now.

Keep walking Annabeth! Its faster and more fun than crawling. :)