Friday, March 27, 2009

QT: 1 of 8

Quaker Turtles
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist

Thank you all for your comments on Miss Mack, the button border took FOREVER to finish, so yess I have been stitching, but that one has been worked on maybe twice a week while I did other stuff .....LIKE.....Quaker Turtles by WIth my Needle. I got this as a full kit and have started it, but it is going take me forever cause 1) over one is not my favorite technique (unlike Sara who LOVES it) and 2) all one color is going to be a bit boring. This is one of the smallest circles to do of the 8 for the set.


saras said...

don't talk bad about me! :) I have that in my stitching bag! Even debated starting it, but I have to many over one projects at the moment! And a whole pile of stitched items that need finishing. So the poor turtles are gonna have to wait!

Abi said...

You have a great start. I *hate* over one stitching also. I'd much rather buy 40 count evenweave or linen OR 22 count aida and use that than do over 1. Ick.