Monday, April 20, 2009


Yes, I know it has been a while, and no, I have not been stitching.

Ok maybe a little bit in the past few days...I will post some of those WIPS soon.
But for a change of pace here are a few hotos of A for your enjoyment. Hmm really....does anyone want to see these? Oh well tough, I am posting them anyway.

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First up we have our first attempt at pigtails. this takes some yelling and squirming (she does not seem to understand that she is the one pulling her hair when she struggles) and it does not last very long, but it is very cute.

Easter 2009
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a second photo of her on Easter inspecting a jellybean filled egg. ( which we like!). As you may of gleaned when you noticed she is not wearing pants, we don't do anything big for Easter...Ian works and we have no family close by. (no fancy easter dresses or posed portraits here!) So we did a mini egg hunt after daddy got home from work. Next year if she is walking it will be a bit more fun.

Yes I said IF she is walking. I think Ian and I have given up on having a normal walking child any time soon. We have 1 1/2 months till the neurologists predicted date for walking. and while there is progress it is torturously slow. She will walk well if you hold both her hands. But she seems to have an aversion to using the walls or furniture to hold on to (in parentese: she does not cruise alot) and of course she would rather walk than crawl so that means you have to be at her beck and call if you want her to go anywhere.
It is particularly challenging cause the weather is so nice is when you want to take her to a park and let her run around. I am predicting she will take her first independant steps on the first day it is over 95 degrees and the mosquitos come out

(Thank you to all who suggested a 2nd opinion on this issue, but she is progressing and doing as is just so tiring I have to vent)

I think her version of the terrible 2s has begun this month let me know what you think:

1. acute aversion to anything new...swimming, photos taken, extremely shy around strangers. etc. all of which brings on screaming, crying jags that last until the next meal.

2. screeching at crystal shattering levels when you do not read her mind.
ie walking in the right direction, not bringing her food quickly enough.

All of it makes me want to smack the next person who asks me " So when are you having another?"


Chiloe said...

It's hard when your kid is not like the other ones ... We all want the regular kid , they are so easy to raise. The other kids are so challenging ... It's hard and heartbreaking ... Do you know exactly where her delay comes from? Early childhood intervention is great: I had it for Pierre when we were in the US. Early intervention is critical. That's my advice. Don't wait too long and like someone says: a second opinion can bring another view of her problems.

What you describe is not the classical terrible's two's. It will be more like saying no to everything, wanting their own way. (Pierre has been in his terrible two's for 10 years !!! lol)


Sharon said...

She is a beauitiful little girl! Those pigtails are too adorable. I keep hoping that when you post that it will be about her walking! I am still hoping it will be soon.

Beth said...

My kids both did a lot of melting down and freaking out when they were nearing a developmental milestone. Screaming, insomnia, clinging like kudzu...oh, you did all that because you were planning to start crawling?? It *could* be a positive sign that she's gearing up to take on the responsibility for walking...but with kids you never really know, do you?

Margaret said...

Oh those are great pictures! I like looking at pictures of A as much as (or more heehee) than your stitching!

Love the one of the two of you.

Pam said...

I remember those days of the screaming temper tantrums!! Hang in there because it will get better. Once she starts talking and can really tell you what she wants she won't have to tantrum. She'll just be able to give you her demands in a VERY LOUD VOICE.

Megan said...

There is nothing more adorable than pigtails. NOTHING! :)

Suzanne said...

Your daughter is so cute! I have the same problems in keeping pigtails on my daughter as well. The hairdressers won't cut her hair properly, so it hangs in front of her face. Try as I might to use put it up, it only ever last for 5 minutes.

Yes, that all sounds like the terrible two to me. My daughter is two and a real stubborn and defiant little girl sometimes. But she can be a little angel when she wants.

Coni said...

Oh, how I love those pigtails! My mom always called them "Buffy" tails...remember the show "Family Affair" with Buffy and Miss Beasley and Mr. French?

Abi said...

I love the pigtails! I've had to cut Ayame's hair twice now. She screams when I try to comb it and I'd rather cut it crooked than let her have dreadlocks. LOL.

Kids just learn at their own pace. The doc wanted me to seek Early Intervention bec. Ayame only says a few words and won't eat with a spoon. Meh. She's learning words and will use them when she feels like it. As for the spoon... as long as she can feed herself, I'm fine. Hang in there!

disa said...