Monday, May 04, 2009

Quaker turtles 2 of 8

Quaker turtles 2 of 8
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Here is the back of the scissor fob, I am about halfway through the next one, (pinkeep top?) but I haven't really been stitching lately. So therefore I haven't been blogging much.

School is slowing down, Ian and I are busy in the evenings doing house projects (finished painting the doors in the kitchen, building borders in the yard, installing a new set of attic stairs. OK the last two are mostly him, but i do assist and hand ou my opinion liberally.
I got a pay cut from the state for the rest of the fiscal year (read 2 months) and my lecture class that I was scheduled to teach has been cancelled. Not really that big a deal (I still have a job) it just will not be as challenging only teaching labs i have taught a lot.

In Annabeth news, I called the neurologist last week to confirm that I was being a ninny about her not walking lo and behold the doctor was NOT happy about that news...and wants to see her as soon as possible. This being the modern medical world that will be the 22nd of May, and you all know this means i have confirmed my daughters walking date as MAY 21st. Meanwhile he signed off on physical therapy for her, but i have yet to hear about scheduling that.


Pam said...

I'm glad that the doctor wants to see her and get her checked out. That happened with my youngest son. I scheduled an evaluation for him because he was not speaking and two days before the evaluations date he started babbling up a storm. Better to have them checked and catch things early.

Chiloe said...

Hope she starts physical therapy soon ;-)

Sonda in OR said...

We'll be eager to hear how that is all going. Hopefully, she just makes up her mind and gets going...

disa said...