Friday, April 15, 2005

Devils Haircut

Ok, so I think I have mentioned the fact that I have a side job doing some contracting.....the one that made us owe $$ in taxes this year (which turned out cause I set the money aside for that all year).
There hasn't been a single contract for me since Dec, and this month I have 18 appointments! this is good (Each appt. means $60-100 for about 1 hour) but then the company calls me and wants to add on a huge closeout....this is a big pain in the ass, although they pay almost twice a normal appt, you have to put in a lot more time and energy. So I tell them thanks, but no thanks (I have never turned down one before) find some one else...I have no extra time trying to finalize my proposal, and finals coming up too. Well they send it to me anyway...the day before it has to be done. and of course there is 200 pounds of stuff I have to haul to Fed ex to ship to a town I could of driven too. ugh I hate closeouts.

OK enough venting,
My blue bells are blooming, a few pink tuips- they look good, and my Hostas are finally starting to show. I have a Clematis that appeared last year by the mailbox, but didn't thrive. but this year we bought a trellis (just a small one) for it, and it is senting up numerous shoots....I can't wait to see the flowers (I hope) to see what kind it is.

I finished the April flip it (Just 2 weeks behind!) and have started the May one . I turn it into a door know hanger like the rest and post a picture.
Still working on the towel....Then I think I will pick up Santa of the Forest till the end of the month when I'll let myself start a new project for May. I have 2 kitted up and ready....Black Swan's View to a Spring Garden (you will have to scroll down the page) or Victoria Sampler's Seaside Garden) which one? you pick.....


Kiwi Jo said...

Both are really pretty but I think I'll give the Black Swan one my vote!

Trish said...

Tough choice! I'll go with Seaside Garden!

Mom said...

Like them both- I vote for the Spring Garden-but with a different color backround