Monday, April 11, 2005

wow I Suck posting on a regular basis.
I have been finishing up a secret cross stitch project that I can't post here till it is all done and framed. But on the upside my April flip it is almost done, (just need to run and buy DMC 598). And I am continuing on my towel. (Ill post pictures by Wed night swear!).

In doggie land, we have to take Max to a Neurologist this week, he is still not walking on his right front paw, but no bones are broken.

And in Academia, my poster at the conference in tuesday turned out ok (after I paniked monday night due to it being a foot smaller all around than I thought it was). I ended up getting an honorable mention, and $25! I think its just cause I buttered up the judge....but what ever.

and in garden land, my wood poppy, azaleas, and bluebells are blooming. I spent the weekend raking the yard from winter debris/bagging and burning it up. Mowed the yard, and weeded around a few beds.

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Kiwi Jo said...

Congrats on the poster award - I'm sure it was very well deserved and don't forget to add that to your CV!