Friday, April 29, 2005

Christmas in May

Hello all,
ok Forget the flippin towel...It's not going to be as cool as I thought, there are too many floating stitches to make it double sided, and it was depressing me. Into the WIP pile for now.

On the up side Santa has been screaming at me, and although I would love to start a new project that would be springy,I would feel guilty. I need to work on santa when I am inspired to do so or he will NEVER get done (he was started in 1997 for crying out loud, I may never do a L&L again!)
I worked on him a bit last night and think all the previous 9 months of heavy stitching has helped me...It went very smoothly. I am going to proceed with one color at a time in a limited section of the chart from top to bottom. I will continue to work on him until the screaming stops.

This leads me to the Question of the Week...Do You Set Stitching Goals? Well mostly the answer is no, I don't have an active rotation or a limit to hours per project. I will set a goal for a gift, but otherwise its a work as I feel sort of thing. ( as regular readers will already know) This does seem to work for me as I usually have less than 5 WIP's.

I sent out my ornament round robin piece out yesterday and am looking forward to recieving all the ornaments with all the fabric and fibers provided, over the next 6 months! I hate trying to find specialty fibers.... When I was in my LNS the other day I finally broke down and asked her to order Holly Berry from GAST (I can't seem to find it anywhere convenient!) so I can finish the Waxing Moons Freebie birds.

And on a scientific of my committee members suddenly realized he had a conflict with my thesis proposal defense (Set for this coming wed) so it has to be rescheduled for thursday. ugh it makes me nervous just talking about it so i'll sign off now.

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