Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Rose Hearts Sampler- Just Nan

Hello everyone...Hope you all had a good christmas. We got a Digital Camera!! My MIL got us a Sony Cybershot U (2.0 pixels) So now I can post pictures of my cross stitch! I just started this sampler on Christmas Day. It is an old Just Nan (1992) that I picked up as a trade at the retreat in Nov. It already had the fabric so here we are. I will have all my x stitch eventually posted on www.flickr.com and will put a link on the side bar as soon as possible. Till then just look up my stuff under Stitching scientist (or click on the picture then goto my sets).

1 comment:

Kiwi Jo said...

Woohoo a digital camera - lucky you! You have done some beautiful stitching and I especially love the little panguin tuck ornament@