Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Google a long lost friend

So I couldn't find the origin of that photo( post below)...I tracked it through a few blogs but it is not a press photo. still makes me laugh though.

Saturday I had a very powerful dream about a friend I had lost touch with about 4 years ago. I am sure she crossed my mind or at least my subconcious because I was doing christmas cards last week. I googled her found her place of business after grad school...eventually found her work phone # and called. Of course her machine said she is on vacation till the 3rd...so ill let you know if it was really her (I am 99% sure it is...how many people are named Theia in this world?)

As for cross stitch I am plowing along on 8 maids a milking....but have been distracted by the new stamp series put out by that evil Lizzie KAte. Now what! I am already doing last years flip its for this year...but these are so cute...i think ill end up doing these too.

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