Friday, September 24, 2004

Stats, Jurys, and stitching

Hello loyal readers (Maybe 2 of you right?),

Current update:
Statistics will either kill me or make me stronger, I had an assignment due Thurs and am worried about the scores (60% of my grade are from these, more than our 2 tests combined.)

I was in Jury duty yesterday. report at 830 am .....sit around till 11:45 (I was able to attend a stats class during the break) report back at 2pm, sit till 2:45 then you are dismissed. not one jury was selected. All that sitting for $12.

But on the up side I was able to get another block done on the Lizzie Kate January flip it . This is my travel project. OK venting starts here: I know that designers are given new fibers and colors to use in their patterns to help encourage sales, and they are kind enough to include conversions to DMC for us poor folks.........BUT, I wish they would check the conversions....several times I have had to go searcing for different colors after stitching a block or two and realizing that it looks horrible cause the shading is all off or the color is completely different from the pictures. I have had to change 3 colors on this one and 1 on the July block. Hopefully it is at least a consistant conversions I can stick to for all 12.

More happiness in stitching world I gridded Santa of the forest snd have started him again block by block. This is going faster now. By block instead of by color.

Have a fab weekend!!

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Michele said...

Three! If you have two loyal readers, I am coming forth as readre number three. I found your blog last weekend and bookmarked it because I am a new stitching blogger too :-) You can visit me at if you'd like. You're on my link list so post on! I'm looking forward to it!