Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Current Cross stitch

Sorry about all the exclamation points, I had no idea I could get so excited. I need to find emoticons or something.
I was able to attach a link (woo hoo....see it is just not the same without exclamation points...woohoo!!!) to the Stitching Bloggers web ring (see right), and thought maybe I should talk a bit about my stitching,

My first stitching project, besides those punch cards with the shoelaces, was a stamped I LOVE YOU basic sampler. It is long gone, I must have done it when I was 10 or 11. My mom, my grandma, and my aunts all did some sort of cross stich or needlepoint...I have very fond memories of sitting around a fire with all the women in the family stitching. Very quickly I moved on to counted cross stitch and did a few very small motifs and cats. I did do one big Killer Whale that still hangs in my bathroom. But then college hit, I don't remember doing one stitch. Since then I have picked it up now and again. This past summer during all my field work for my thesis, I started again in earnest as a destress device. (usually it would have been reading...but that didn't work this time)

I don't have that many WIP's , I guess because I tend to get rid of stuff that no longer interests me, ie..a fairy I started 4 years ago that looked hideous and unmotivating...I ripped and used the fabric for another project.

So current WIP's include:
1 Oberlin's "Pittsburgh" my home town started in 95?? it's not my best work...has a ton of backstitching but I will finish this.
2 Alma Lynn "12 days of Christmas" putting this onto an afgan, have days 1-5 done, started 99.
3 Lavender and Lace "Santa of the Forest" started 97, my biggest and most complicated one I need a plan of attack and a scroll frame.
I am also doing Lizzie Kate's Flip it Blocks for the year....I discovered these in July so I will be continuing them into next year.

Well this post is too long and I will find a digital camera and post pics soon

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