Friday, September 17, 2004

Cross Sitch Mags

I have 40 minutes till my first meeting of 3 today (you wouldn't think graduate school would entail so many meetings but it does). So I thought I would post a few thoughts on Cross stitch magazines. First I have never had a subscription to a cross stich mag, mainly due to the price. If you ask me (and since you are here on my blog you did) the british publish the best ones, but for $10 I don't feel the designs speak to me. And they have pages of contests that I can't enter from here in the colonies. But of course you fall in love with one design that is then in a series of 12 and you pay $120 for a design series that would be max $15 if it was in a leaflet or book. I am speaking specifically of the Cattitudes Horiscope in the Cross Stitcher . and of course I found out about them in July so now I have to search to find the other 6 patterns.
Of course I could buy them up, copy what I want then resell them on E-bay but that doesn't sound very moral.

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Candice said...

Hi Heather, from a fellow MS fan. Glad you could stop by my blog -- and now I'm visiting yours! You're doing a great job with the HTML. I see you found the same place to post the Stitcher's Blog logo as I did. I finally got some links in that column too -- try that! Glad to meet you!