Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sorry it's been a while

Well I swear I wrote a nice long post yesterday about cross stitching and went to post the screen went blank and lost everything.

So Ill sum up .....I have left the big projects to do little ones....halloween freebie...a christmas ornament for an exchange.....and my initials on a pencil bag (first time using waste canvas).

I still have that January Flip it Block that was my travel project. Remember the rant I had about color conversion from Weeks dye Works to DMC ....well the January one is really bad... worse than I thought. I have had to switch every suggested color.. And my problem is that I try the suggested color and it looks OK than I continue and I am not sure but then I tell myself it will look fine in the end.....then as it bumps up against another color and washes it out I know I will have to frog it all and start again.

I just recieved the october and november flip its, i might try nov or stay with my plan and do feb. so Ill have it done by then.

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