Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Back to the real world...ugh

We had a great time in Charleston, but no cross stitch store sigh, only a stuffy needlepoint store. (sorry if that offends you but really.....those canvases are sooooo expensive). We bought one big item, a print of a live oak over a sunset in the marsh, it was already framed. I debated for about 15 minutes but then I realized...... You know when you were younger and on those vacations you took with your family you saw these adults buying the really pretty expensive stuff and all you could afford was the cheap plastic or stupid souvenirs. In other words your taste was well ahead of your $$. .......Well I loved it I had the money and I spent it!! Ha! It felt very good.

Anyway we arrived Sunday night. Walked the city on Monday, and went to the Yorktown (aircraft carrier) on Tuesday and visited with a friend of my husbands family on the Isle of Palms that afternoon. Beautiful beaches there. Drove home last night arriving at midnight. (4 hour drive) Good scouting visit.

Cross stitch update to come tomorrow.

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