Wednesday, October 06, 2004

"Just a Geek" Rules

I was in the book store the other day and picked up Wil's book "Just A Geek" . When I saw the price I thought I'll wait til christmas or when it is out in paperback..... but after reading the first 3rd of the book in the store, and embarassing myself by laughing out loud numerous times, I coughed up the dough. I finished it within 48 hours, breaking to sleep and go to school, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wondered what happened to Wil, or has ever felt lost in their life.

I have recieved a few calls *hi mom* that comments could only be posted if you were a member of blogger. Well I figured how to open it up to everyone....but if I start getting spammed its all over. So be judicious as to who you send this blog to and what you say when you comment.

Now back to statistics....

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