Monday, October 04, 2004

Dum dum da dum

I know its been a while. but I am still alive and kicking. Studying for the big stats midterm on thurs. and trying to process samples by friday.

The big italian wedding (you know the one I had the framing done for ) was this past Sat. I have never seen such a nervous bride....or one that was so happy after it was done. She made me cry she was smiling so big walking back up the asile. I LOVE weddings right, and I love to take pictures of said weddings. (I think i was a wedding planner in a pervious life). I couldn't find my camera and Ian had his with a brand new roll of film. I always sit on the aisle for the bride coming down and the couple going back shots. Well I was in charge of the guest book (I have not heard of this but OK) so I had to wait till 5 min before the wedding to enter the sanctuary. By this time Ian had been bumped to the out side of the pew. AGGH. then to top it off, his battery dies in the middle of the ceremony. I got a new battery by the time the reception occured but was totally irritated and snappy. but a few drinks and good pictures later I was much better. The prime rib was a bit over done and the cake was not the best but over all I think it was a 8.5 wedding. (mine has to be the best and is where I gauge all weddings since).

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