Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Not much on my end

Not too much new:
Cross stitching: I finished 6 geese a laying on my 12 days of christmas afgan (Jalynn). Sorry no pics, we keep talking about a digital camera but they are so expensive.
School is chugging along, there are 3 weeks left and I am done as of last week (mentally)
I am gearing up to go on the Tarheel cross stitching retreat next weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN. I need a break away from home/school.
Slowly realizing I have to shop for christmas and dreading it....not ready yet. Ian as usual has already bought his gifts for his parents (the trick is mailing them in time..packages have been known to sit around for months...Not my fault).
My friend Allison called me saturday to say she is pregnant (after 3 years of trying). I am very excited for her and am so glad the saga has had a happy ending.

Ian and I went to the Carolina Renisance Fair on Sun. Our 4th year in a row (my 5th) Had a great time, there is always something new. This year they had guys teaching how to contact juggle like Micheal Motion (like the ball thing in Labyrinth). It was fun and actually possible.

We also saw The Incerdibles.....must see!! no seriously drop what you are doing and go now.

Gotta go teach now bye

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