Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So much to do.....

And I'm not doing it.

So I KNOW not to pick up a book while I'm in school....(besides texts and articles of course). But I read "We Are The Mulvaneys" by Joyce Carol Oates this weekend. Yeah I couldn't put it down, and yeah I thought the writing is good, But I just am very unsatisfied with these "real" family stories. I like the characters and the trials they go through are real....but it just felt shallow and selfish, like none of them (except the youngest child, who is telling the story) look beyond the obvious...do any soul searching...or try to do what is right by others. Maybe thats what the author was aiming for. But I have never met a whole family like that. (to tell you the truth I can think of only 1 person over the age of 20 who fits that description). Maybe I'm sheltered but this felt very unrealistic. That will teach me to read anything from Oprah's Book Club again.

Ian and I saw Team America last night. It was better than I had feared but not as good as I hoped. If you like South Park the humor is the same but not as sharp. I liked the use of marionettes...that was unique. The puppet sex was just for show (and shock value?)
Kim Jong Ill 's (sp?) character was the only one I looked forward to seeing, and the hollywood actors kept me laughing. But the Team America characters were bland and boring. I felt Trey and Matt held back too much in this satire (maybe Michael Moore could of helped.) Oh and mom...don't go see this, a puppet pukes...alot.

YES I voted...last friday....
waited an hour and a half. Go Kerry!

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